Socalgolfblog.com is an appreciation of Southern California golf written by a now-local golf writer transplanted from the Midwest. This blog is a work in progress but will feature my published work, which consists of course profiles, teaching pro features, equipment pieces, etc., and eventually hopefully posts containing golf insights, playing tips and stories from the links as well as musings about daily life in California and my travels here and elsewhere.

If you don’t get the email prompt to follow the blog, please follow on Twitter. I post my updates there.

If you need to contact me about the blog with questions, or you’d like to hire me for freelance writing/blogging or marketing/PR services, you can email me at socalgolfblog@yahoo.com. Besides Southland Golf Magazine, I currently supply content to the blogs for JC Golf and Fujikura.

FYI: This blog is written from the golf perspective of about a 10-handicap.

Thanks for reading!

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