A Word About Course Reviews

I’m trying a new format here that’s different than what I’m doing in print. I’d appreciate a little feedback as to how useful you find it since it’s a work in progress and here to serve people discovering these courses for the first time and those of us who just enjoying talking about this stuff.

The overall intent is to give as complete a picture of the playing experience as possible, from the aesthetics to the food to how to prepare to play the course, and mix that with handy tips about actually playing the course.

When I moved out here a year ago and played many of the courses I’ll discuss, one of my frustrations was finding info. about the courses that was beyond the standard length, location, who designed it, etc. Anyway, this is an attempt to fill that knowledge gap. It should be like the course knowledge you’d get standing on the tee with a local familiar with the track.

I’m trying to provide the info. in digest-able bites by using subheads with titles that you should eventually become used to, but are fairly self-explanatory. Here’s a partial glossary:

      Hold Onto Your Hat – Where trouble lurks and the round might get away from you if you’re not careful.

      Best Chance to End Up Buying A Round for the HouseYour best chance for a hole-in-one. Unlikely, yes, but still fun to think about.

      You’ll Want To, But Don’t … – The shot that tempts you … and the smart play you should make instead.

      Take a Picture – A visual highlight of the course, which out here can be many.

      On the Range – What shots/clubs I need to be ready to hit to play this course well. Every course has these, but you don’t know them until you’re done. And this is the type of info. I’ve never been provided about any course that can really make a difference in your round.

Anyway, the subheads and themes will evolve with each review, but this gives you an idea of what I’m going for here.

I hope you find these reviews informative and useful and that they enhance your playing experience if you happen to play one of the courses I review.

If you happen to play Twin Oaks, best of luck, and enjoy your round. And try the potato chips.


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